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Princess Zee Comes to America is a children’s story book about Princess Zee, a black princess living in this fairy tale we call the modern world.

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“Which kid doesn’t love dinosaurs?! Jurassic Work: The Best Jobs For Dinosaurs takes children on an action-packed adventure brimming with fun-filled facts about everyone’s favorite dinosaurs, with an inspiring and valuable lesson at its heart. Everyone is blessed with their own special talent, you just need to find your calling. As the dinosaurs in this book find out, sometimes that can take some time and effort, but if you keep trying you’ll get there. My son’s verdict? Totally roar-some!” – Review of Jurassic Work by Julian Cheatle, Head Editor at

“When it comes to black Disney princesses there’s literally one option: Princess Tiana. There are several non-Caucasian Disney princesses like Moana, but she’s Polynesian. And The Princess and The Frog came out in 2009 so Tiana is not animated in the modern Disney style. It’s really odd that Disney has ignored this demographic. So, it’s nice to see a book fill the gap for little black girls who want a princess that looks like them. Princess Zee nails the art style with beautiful scenes.” – Amazon Review of Princess Zee’s Alphabet Book

“Fun and educational – this is a great book with beautiful illustrations that will be a favorite for your princess.” – Amazon Review of Princess Zee’s Alphabet Book

“This is a wonderful book for children, and it is perfect for families to enjoy together. The story is excellent, and the illustrations really add to the overall effect. I highly recommend this book as the perfect way to introduce young children to dinosaurs, as well as introduce them to the wider world of work and careers. This lovely book will bring hours of learning and enjoyment for the whole family.”  Wolff Bachner, Retired Editor in Chief of a mainstream news website

“This book not only has a great moral, but the artwork is modern and captivating. The wolves are absolutely stunning! The writing and storyline are beautiful. I’d say it’s a classic with a twist that your kids will love. It also teaches our children that lying has major consequences!”   Amazon Review of The Wolf Who Cried Boy

The Best Negative Review Ever

“I was actually looking for the classic fable The Boy Who Cried Wolf and in my haste ordered this by mistake. I thought, “no problem, as long as the moral is the same”. I’m a frequent reader, and I read to my 4-year-old every single night before bed. This story was written in overly complicated language, especially if you’re reading it to a child. If you don’t mind reading something that sounds like it was written by Jane Austen or Tolkien to a kid, it may not be a problem for you. I’d rather focus on stories that are written in plain, modern English for now, as he is still just getting the hang of English as it is. No need to complicate things.” – A One-Star Amazon Review of The Wolf Who Cried Boy

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Tom B. Free used to be a software engineer and a news journalist, then he took a writer's quill in the knee. Tom lives with his large family in Florida where he spends his time writing and rock climbing (they have rock gyms in FL!).

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