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Don’t worry… I’m “only” a teeny-weeny bit strange.

Finding your special talents is like a marathon where you don't where the stopping point is located. And sometimes that stop is just a resting point before a new twist in the road. Life takes strange pathways and it's all about who you're following and the companions that come along the way. I thank God for being that ever-present guide even when the marathon becomes hard. I hope my readers enjoy the journey as we continue the marathon together.

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Tom B. Free
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Patrick T. Frye

I use the pen name Tom B. Free since my real name is associated with news reporting. I’m a father of five who’s always loved reading bedtime stories. I enjoy creating digital art and writing so it’s only natural to combine the two talents. I’ve been writing professionally since 2011 and in 2023 I decided to expand into creating children’s books.

I have several books published and Princess Zee is a series that can be read in any order. Get in touch if you’ve got any comments, questions, suggestions, or just want to say hello. I would love to hear from you.

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My first job was as a software engineer… at the age of 16! Yes, I’m a smarty-pants, although people tell me my head looks big normally, not due to ego.

After entering college life, my first post-high school professional experience began with joining an indie video game developer. That’s where I learned the foundation for my digital art skills that still serve me to this day. During that time, I began working on a sci-fi novel series, but that work remains unfinished to this day. Maybe I’ll get back to publishing it now…?

I’ve always been an entrepreneur. During this time period, I was mostly focused on the video game development but I also launched several business ventures involving web design, on-site computer repair, eCommerce/webzine, and Green technologies. The latter was probably the most interesting since I created the design for a stackable aquaponics system (hydroponics vegetable gardening combined with fish farming).

Graduated Cum Laude, B.Sc. Information Engineering Technology

Yes, I was so busy that it took me 8 years to complete a 4-year degree program. The funny thing is that my degree has never landed me a job. Maybe I should get a PhD just so I can be Dr. Free?

At the behest of a friend, I joined a small news website with only 12 employees including myself. We grew this website into one of the Top 50 news sites in the world. At its peak there were hundreds of employees and I trained many of them on how to implement modern technology into journalism.

While covering the 2014 Ukraine Crisis, I created for a news story my most well-known work of art: the “Putin riding a nuclear missile” meme. I like to think that ol’ Vlad has seen it and has my name written down somewhere in his little black book.

Hard news and politics wears on your soul. I eventually left the big news company and joined a small entertainment-only news site. Starting off as a writer, I eventually became a managing editor.

The trumpets sounded, the heavens opened up and handed down a proclamation for my next mission! Not really, but I knew it was time for something new. In early 2023, I started work on a quirky little book about dinosaurs trying to find jobs and ending up in ill-fitting positions that were odd if not funny. Pretty much my job history in a nutshell before becoming a writer. But the spark had been lit, Gondor called for aid, and I decided it was time to make the jump to a new career.