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Commissioned Artwork: Champ

This is Champ. I created this cryptid creature / monster art for Fairytales and Myths.

Champ, or Champy, is a monster reputed to be living in Lake Champlain, situated in the American states of New York and Vermont and also partly in Quebec, Canada. Champ is thought to be similar to the Loch Ness monster, and there have been reported sightings in the lake going back 100s of years.

I went a different route with this art. Since there are so many plesiosaur-style monster sightings around the world I wanted to connect this monster art to Lake Champlain by using a real-life reference of the Lake Champlain Bridge. I was also shooting for capturing that old-timey, grainy newspaper look where monster sightings were often blurry. Looking back, I should have done something to make Champy “pop” since I spent more time on the bridge than the monster.

Check out the Champ page for more details.

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